Mala'la Community Wellness Program

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The Mala'la Community Wellness Centre works two-ways, with local and non-local workers. The Centre provides evidence-based interventions with a strong community development focus on empowerment. The service teams are integrated so  that they work together to provide a comprehensive service to the community of Maningrida.

Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) provides:

Alcohol and Other Drugs education - education about how drugs and alcohol affect you, your family and the community;

  • Brief intervention - including brief therapy;
  • Diversion - offering culturally safe and secure alternatives;
  • Family Support - including family education;
  • Follow-up treatment options - multiple referral possibilities.

Mala'la Community Wellness Program

The Social and Emotional Wellbeing service provides services which include:

  • Counselling/Psychotherapy (for teenagers 14+ and adults) - depression, anxiety, trauma and anger;
  • Couples and family therapy - counselling with a focus on healing relationships;
  • Wellness education - anger management, domestic violence, self-esteem, and rational decision making;
  • Advocacy - practical help in connecting you with other services.

All services are confidential.


Community Wellness Program Contact

P: +61 08 8979 5772
F: +61 08 8979 5776